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Philanthropist Em


Thank you for visiting my page, I hope you will make yourself at home! I will be giving away a series of free products and services to garner support in my efforts to fashion a lifestyle brand solely based on giving! Sounds crazy, I know! 😝 However, I don't want to spend my time doing ANYTHING ELSE but connecting with you! Your support (Follow, Like, Comment, Share) of my page is all that is requested. Easy, right?! Now, of course, I wanted to make this interesting so I've decided that I will slowly reveal my true identity by revealing 1 letter of my name with each milestone we hit. My goal is to reveal my true identity at 1M followers, although I have a feeling that the talented investigators of the world may reveal my identity sooner than anticipated. To begin, the first letter I have revealed is the Letter "M" (Em). Be sure to follow my Instagram @philanthropistem and my Snapchat @EmCoOfficial to keep up with the great reveal and to stay updated on the next giveaway! This is a giveaway page, so there will ALWAYS be a chance to be a winner! Giveaways can consist of monetary donations to non-monetary items, ALL OF WHICH WILL ALWAYS BE FREE! Also, feel free to invite your friends to join in on the fun, "the more the merrier"! As one giveaway is completed, another will begin; creating an endless array of giveaways! This is going to be epic and I cannot wait to meet you at 1M!