How to sext with a girl?
27 days ago

One of two things is likely to happen if a guy doesn't know how to start sexting a girl. Either he won't do it and miss out on the critical and thrilling process of escalating with a female, or he'll have a much harder time engaging the women in his life. Here's a crash course on how to start sexting a girl in such a way that she becomes engaged and excited.

How to Start Sexting:

  • Setting the Tone: Stating your sexual desires out of the blue isn't the best way to begin sexting a girl because it could catch her off guard. Instead of attempting to start sexting out of nowhere, it's always preferable to establish a relaxed, genuine sexual tone that will encourage sexting to occur naturally. Interpret her words in a way that makes it seem like she's attempting to seduce you. She's the one making sexual advances when you're only having a pleasant chat. This adds sexual intensity to the relationship while keeping it lighthearted and playful. This lays the groundwork for you to gradually increase sexual tension until it becomes habitual.
  • Techniques for Increasing Tension: It might seem odd to be giving advice on how to start sexting a girl. Isn't that something that should only happen naturally? Misinterpretation isn't the only way to use text to create sexual tension in a playful way. In your texts to women, you can also use sexual innuendo (changing the tone of what she says to make it sound sexual). It's easy and enjoyable, and it contributes to a fantastic back-and-forth in which you're both playful and erotic.
  • Be Daring: If you want to know how to start sexting a girl, you must first master the art of building intimacy in a playful manner. Although flirting is fun, you'll eventually have to own up to your sexual desires and express them. You can and should tell her what you're thinking, feeling, and needing when the time is right — and you'll know when it's time to cross this exciting line. As a result of doing so,
  • Talking Those Imaginations: Would you like a woman to tell you about her sexual desires? Do you want her to tell you what she thinks you're going to do to her? She must first feel protected in order for her to open up in this way. And the best way to make her feel secure is to express your own thoughts and wishes first, allowing her to join you. You should start sharing the kind of dirty thoughts you have about her after the conversation has taken a more sexual turn. When you do so, use descriptive words.
  • Take it step by step, enabling the excitement to develop steadily, and don't be afraid to include the small details (your thoughts and emotions as you picture yourself peeling her shirt off, her reaction, the parts of her body that attract your attention and excite you, and just about everything else you imagine doing with her...) Even if you don't know how to handle sexting a girl, there is a stylish and discreet way to do so while still engaging in a sexual exchange.
  • What if she refuses to participate? Don't be concerned. As previously said, there will be times when the girl isn't interested in what you're saying and may even become angry. Don't be concerned if this occurs. It's easy to recover from a blunder like this. If she doesn't like where you're going with things, simply remember her feelings and move on. You want to be sympathetic to her emotions without being emotionally invested in them. It validates the thought that it was a big deal if you start freaking out and acting like it was a big deal. If you dismiss it as a minor blunder not necessary worrying about, she'll probably do the same. So, if she gets angry, just say, "I'm sorry if that offended you, you just really turn me on, that's all." Who knows, maybe she'll appreciate your honesty. If that isn't the case, simply change the subject and move on. Don't be put off by the thought of making a mistake. There is always a smooth dismount if you stay truthful and respectful.

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